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2016 Pepper List


Golden Calwonder – M. Earliest Gold bell in the NW.
Northstar – E. Early green/red pepper, blocky, 3-4 lobed, medium-sized.
Orange Sun – M. Sweet bell goes from green to orange to red.
Purple Beauty – M. Pretty colored bell that ripens to Lavender color.
Red Beauty Hybrid – E. Brilliant bright red, thick-walled, heavy, sweet flesh that sets early.
Aji Dulce - L. Similar to Habanero, but is sweet, spicy, and delicious, with only a trace of heat.
Amish Pimento – M. Sweetest pepper we know. 2’ plants put out lots of early fruit.
Chervena Chujski – M. Bulgarian heirloom with bright red flesh and almost candy-sweet.
Feherozon – E. Pointed bell shape ripens from  cream to orange to red, thick walls.
Giant Szedgi – L. Large pale yellow fruit ripens to orange; excellent flavor fresh or grilled.
Gypsy – M. Wedge-shaped, crunchy, firm, sweet flesh, light green.
Lunchbox (Orange, Red or Yellow) – M. Mini-sized fruit, very sweet & flavorful.
Nardello’s Sweet Italian Frying Pepper – M. Best sweet frying peppers we know.
Padron – E. Harvest green at 1-1.5 in., 1 out of 20 will be hot, a Spanish tapas staple.
Peperoncino – M. Thin, yellowish-green fruits, perfect for canning.
Pimento   – M. 3 “ fruit, thick, meaty, sweet flesh.
Red Cherry – E. Sweet, about 1” across, great for popping into your mouth.
Shisito – M. Epicurean Japanese version of Padron without the possible heat.
Red Marconi – L. Large, very sweet, up to 12” long. Use green in fresh salads,  or fry when red.
Sweet Banana – M. Sweet, long yellow pepper great for roasting or pickling.
Trinidad Perfume – M. Looks like a habanero, but has lots of flavor without the heat
Anaheim – M. Medium hot, dark green flesh, ripening to bright red. 
Ancho/Poblano – M. Used to make chile rellenos. Heart-shaped fruits.
Bulgarian Carrot – L. Bright orange fruit, very hot, fruity flavor for salsa or chutney.
Cayenne  - M. 5-6in. fruit, with 50-60,000 Scoville units.
Cherry Bomb – E. Hotter version of Red Cherry.
Chiltepin – E. Small, hot, starts fiery and then mellows to fine hot pepper flavor.
Fatalii – M. Fiery hot, wrinkled yellow fruit related to Habanero with a citrus flavor.
Habanero – L. HOT! Lantern-shaped, matures to orange, from the Yucatan.
Red Savina Habanero– L. World’s #10 Hottest Pepper!! Bright red wrinkled fruit.
Hot Lemon - M. A golden aji from Brazil, about the size of your little finger, hot and citrusy.
Hungarian Hot Wax – M. 6-8” banana shaped fruit, fairly hot, good for pickling.
Jalapeno – M.  Sausage-shaped, blunt fruits are the staple to Mexican cooking; medium-hot.
Lemon Habanero – L. yellow colored, citrus-overtoned version of the first ultrahot pepper.
Mulato Isleno – M Deep, chocolate brown at maturity, mild heat, ideal fresh or in sauces.
NuMex Joe Parker - L. Highest yielding Anaheim type, only 1-3,000 Scoville units
Pasilla Bahio – M. Almost no heat, has a berry flavor, dark blackish-green to dark brown.
Peter Red – M. Funny shape, heat between Jalapeno and Tabasco.
Serrano – M. Very hot, perfect for chili sauce, salsa, hot pepper vinegar and pickles.
Thai Hot – E. Fleshy pods are especially good in Oriental dishes and chili, maturing to red
ULTRA HOT PEPPERS –Limited Quantities! Do Not Touch Without Gloves or Goggles! Eat At Your Own Risk!
7 Pot Douglah – L. Chocolate to purple colored, 3rd hottest in the world – 1,853,936 SHU!
Brainstrain 7 Pot  – L. Squatter, bumpier, brain-looking cousin of Douglah.
Bhut Jolokia-L. aka Ghost Pepper. #7 hottest pepper in the world at 1,041,427 SHU; still intense heat with flavor.
Butch T Trinidad Scorpion – L. World’s 5th  hottest at 1,463,700 SHU!
Carolina ReaperTHE HOTTEST IN THE WORLD,  2,200,000 SHU with flavors of chocolate & cherry.
Chocolate Carolina Reaper – L. Brown colored version of el numero uno.
Chocolate Ghost– L. Brown colored version of #7 hottest.
Chocolate Moruga Scorpion– L. Brown colored version of #2 hottest.
Moruga Satan– L. Sweeter version of #2 hottest.
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion -L. #2 in the world: an incredible 2,009,231 SU!
Naga Morich– L. aka Dorset Morich – some say hotter than the Ghost pepper.
Yellow Bhut Jolokia– L. Yellow version of  the previous hottest, now #7 in the world.
Yellow Carolina Reaper– L. New yellow version of the world’s hottest!
Naga Viper – L . Over 1,349,000 SHU, #6  hottest in the world!
Yellow Moruga Scorpion– L. Yellow version of the #2 hottest!
E= Early Maturing; M= Mid-season; L=Later part of season

Pasilla Bahio Pepper

Pasilla Bahio Pepper

Pasilla Bahio is a key ingredient of the latin Mole sauce, and has a berry flavor with almost no heat.

Ornamental Pepper

Purple Jalapeno Pepper Plant

Ornamentals are pretty and hot!

Cayenne, Long slim Pepper

Paprika Supreme Pepper

Cayenne is 50-60,000 Scoville units.

Lemon Drop Pepper

Hot Lemon Pepper

Lemon Drop has a spicy, lemony flavor and is HOT!

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