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Millennium Farms’ U-Choose CSA Programs                            

- No Sprays or GMO!

  • Our 22nd Season of Farming! Summer CSA (5/30 – 9/5) and Fall CSA (9/12-12/19), each 15 weeks long.

  • YOU CHOOSE WHAT IS IN EACH WEEK’S SHARE, via weekly emailed list of 12-35 items freshest that week.

  • Our famous* Chicken Eggs also available. Recipes utilizing that week’s produce emailed too.

  • Full Memberships are for 6 choices weekly; Plus members get 12 weekly; Half members get 6 every other week.

Summer CSA Choices include:


  • heirloom tomatoes and peppers

  • up to 9 different types of peaches, nectarines, apricots and cherries!

  • baby salad greens, baby spinach, baby arugula, spicy mix

  • green beans, yellow wax beans

  • carrots, beets

  • fresh herbs especially including  basil, either a mix of three or over 4 ounces of one herb

  • summer squash, cucumbers, onions

  • at least 3 kinds of potatoes, including fingerlings

Fall CSA Choices include:


  • up to 12 types of heirloom apples and pears

  • up to 4 types of heirloom potatoes, including fingerlings

  • root vegetables including carrots, beets, parsnips and rutabagas

  • brussels sprouts

  • baby salad greens, baby spinach, baby arugula, spicy mix

  • fresh herbs, either a mix of three or over 4 ounces of one herb

  • up to nine kinds of heirloom winter squash

Full shares (6 weekly choices) for each season are $415, Plus shares (12 weekly choices) are $775, and Half shares (6 choices every other week) are $260; or $400, $750 and $250 respectively by check or cash. Subscriptions are due before the first week of each CSA. Discounted shares for both seasons (All Season shares)  are $775, $1,500 and $500, or $750, $1450 and $485 cash/check  respectively when paid in full before May 31, 2016. All Season Full or Plus shares may also pay over time 1/3 each by 5/31, 8/1 and 10/1. All shares will be delivered Tuesdays to multiple pickup locations in the area. For further information, email us at . We look forward to sharing good food with you !




Millennium Farms has been growing seasonal greens, vegetables and fruit for families, restaurants and institutions for over 20 years. It is a small family farm in the Ridgefield area, north of Vancouver, WA, owned and operated by Michael and Missy Stucky and their family. Michael’s family have centuries of growing experience, as he comes from a long line of Mennonite farmers. Notably, his great-grandfather was one of 10 Mennonite farmers to bring the very first hard red winter wheat to the U.S. in 1874, the grain from which most of our bread now is made. Millennium Farms has always used sustainable growing practices, uses no chemical sprays or fertilizers, and will never use GMO seed – in fact a majority of what they provide comes from heirloom varieties. They also have operated a nursery for over 20 years, offering many of the same plant starts they use for themselves in the field.      

* Julia Child rated ours the best she ate!  That day the chef called us to say that Ms. Child and Mr. Apple had argued 5 minutes over whether our eggs were the best they ever ate. They agreed ours were better than those from a little bistro on the left bank in Paris! Written confirmation from 5/22/98 NY Times: " ... He won us over instantly with scrambled eggs and morels in an eggshell, garganelli with veal ragu and lamb sausage, flavor-packed roast chicken from Millennium Farms and a miraculously tart-sweet rhubarb sorbet."

Email us at for more info.